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Includes One Pre-licensing Course (MV-278 certificate, valid for one year); All service is valid for one year; Each driving session is 90 mins; All DMV fees are not included. 

Includes one road test scheduling and car rental
  • 1 Session $159.00
  • 5 Sessions $359.00
  • 10 Sessions $609.00
  • 15 Sessions $839.00
Includes two road test scheduling and car rental
  • 2 Sessions $289.00
  • 5 Sessions $429.00
  • 10 Sessions $659.00
  • 15 Sessions $879.00
Includes unlimited road test scheduling and car rental
  • 2.5 Sessions $399.00
  • 5 Sessions $519.00
  • 10 Sessions $749.00
  • 15 Sessions $959.00
Driving Practice (90 mins each)
  • 1 Local Session $60.00
  • 5 Local Sessions $280.00
  • 2 Highway Sessions $190.00
  • Combination (2 Local+2 Highway) $300.00
  • Additional Driving Session (90mins) $52.00
  • Road Test Schedule/Reschedule $15.00
  • Pre-licensing Course (MV-278) $50.00
  • Road Test Schedule & Car Rental $99.00
  • Address Change $50.00
  • Vehicle Registration Renewal $50.00
  • License Renewal $80.00

    Valid vision test is required. 

    Renew up to 1 year before &2 years after your license expires.

  • Pick Up Service $80.00

    One time pick up and drop off service, starting from school address, within 6 miles (if over 6 miles, $10 per mile)

  • Road Test Express $99.00
    Schedule and take a road test in 10 business days. Valid Pre-licensing course certificate (MV-278) and learner permit are required.

Experience Greater Driving School Today!

If you are planning to learn driving, then you have to choose a approved professional driving school to get the best driving lessons. There are numerous driving schools accessible in the marketplace. Among those, you have to opt for the right choice which suits your needs and expectations. 

For those who are looking for the best driving school, consider Helping Driving School has been teaching safe drivers and keep your driving classes useful and affordable. We provide complete driver education and the ultimate experience for those looking for driving lessons. Let’s take a look at driving school details briefly in the upcoming session which will guide you on the right path before making a final decision.

Find a driving school – you’re comfy with!

Once you decided to learn driving, explore the various driving school around then compare the instructor knowledge, driving lessons, and cost with one another. Then, you have a clear idea to opt for the right one among the wide range of options out there. Elmhurst driving school has permit holders looking to prepare for the road test including license holders looking to improve their driving skills. You can also take the NYS certified defensive driving class which will reduce your insurance. 

Why choose us?

We build our reputation on customer satisfaction and students learn the importance of safe driving techniques on the road. The major concern is student's safety so you don’t worry about anything. Helping Driving School guide each of our students the fundamental principles and driving skills while instilling the prominence of vigilance and road safety. 

You can also do some research about different driving school before you make an informed decision. Make a quick comparison with the sorted list of driving schools based on your preference. Then only you’ll know how best we are in the driving industry. Be a professional driver in the future!!!

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