Service Terms and Commitment


1.    General

The terms of this Notice and Commitment are legally binding. After the students sign up, they are deemed to agree to accept the notices and commitments, and our school will only provide services on the premise that the students agree to accept the notices and commitments.

Students need to provide our school with relevant personal information to perform our service. Our school only uses the personal information and materials provided by students within the scope of business, and our school promises not to use them for marketing and communication outside the scope of business.


2.    Service Term


All services must be booked in advance after full payment. 5-hour Class must be completed within one year from the registration date and the certificate is valid for one year. Road test service starts on the 5-hour class completion and expires on the same date of the certification issued by our school. If students provide their own certificate, the road test service term is valid for one year from the registration date.


3.    Purchase and Transfer of Lessons


After registration, our school does not accept any form of refund for students. Students can transfer or unused lessons, but students are obliged to find that person for transfer. All sales are final and cannot be exchanged for cash, and the service validity period will remain the same. All services must be purchased through our school’s official website or our school’s official customer service channel. In addition, our school does not assume any responsibility for the purchase and teaching of other forms of transactions.


4.    Service Reservation and Cancellation


Both parties strictly implement the appointment system. Students need to contact our school instructor and customer service to cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance (up to 2 times ) in written form (instant messaging, wechat, email, etc.). Those who fail to cancel the appointment in non-written form or request to cancel the appointment after the time limit will be regarded as absent. The scheduled lesson will be deducted. In case of an emergency, the student must provide relevant proof (for example, a doctor's notice if he is unwell). If the student fails to provide proof, our school will deduct half of the scheduled lesson.


5.    Road test


The road test is generally on a working day. School provides related road test services to the students who purchased road test package within the validity period, including road test scheduling, car rental and escort. If the students make an appointment for the road test by themselves without communication, our school is not responsible for the car rental service for the road test. Once road test is confirmed, if the student is unable to take the road test, a rescheduling fee of $20 will be charged. (Apply to all road test packages).

Students need to bring learner permit and 5-hour class certificate on a road test day. If you are shortsighted, you need to wear reading glasses. Students who under the age of 18 need to complete MV-262 form for their parents to sign before they can take the road test. If the road test is rejected or failed due to insufficient preparation, the students shall bear the consequences themselves.

All DMV test fees are not included. The fee for up to 2 road tests for a non-commercial license was included in your $10.00 driver license permit application fee. If you do not pass your first 2 tests, you must pay another $10.00 fee for up to 2 more tests. There is no refund if you do not take both tests. Students who have no driving lessons on the test date need to meet up with instructor at road test site at least 30 mins in advance. There will be no road test escort from the pick up location.


6.    Promise


Our school promises to strictly control the service quality. Students can login to the official website to submit feedback forms or contact our customer service directly. The student always brings relevant license for learning, and not to drink or take any drugs before lessons, which leads to inability to concentrate. According to the law, if the above situation occurs, our school and the instructor have the right to terminate and deduct the lesson.


7.    Force majeure


Both parties agree to accept rescheduling of lessons or exams and other re-arrangement due to uncontrollable factors (such as bad weather, DMV cancellation of road test, accidents, and vehicle emergency repairs, staffs leaving etc.). Students release the Heping Driving school from responsibility for any injuries or damages incurred during instruction, acknowledging the inherent risks associated with driving lessons and road tests and agree not to pursue legal action for any resulting harm.


8.    Other


Feedbacks are appreciated. The behavior of rewarding tips for students who are satisfied with the instructor's service is a personal behavior of the students, and our school does not demand it.


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