Terms & Conditions

1. By signing up with Heping Driving School, you consent and agree to the following terms and conditions. No exceptions.

2. The personal data collected by Heping Driving School is obtained with the consent of the Students and using for any service and marketing communication. You MUST provide all information of learner permit or driver license or related document, otherwise we cannot continue our service for you. No refund is allowed.

3. Signing up, payment, exchange, transfer, refund.

  • No refund for no matter of what reason. Think clearly before you pay.
  • Full payment only.
  • Service can only be exchanged for equal or higher value within 24 hours after your first driving session noticed to the office in writing.
  • Service also can be transferred between different locations with equal or higher value.
  • Unfinished lessons can be transferred to others, your responsible to find that person.
  • If you cannot continue your learning with us, you may transfer your unfinished sessions to someone else. Please contact our office and send in your request in writing and providing the replacement information for qualification. Please note all sales are final and cannot be redeemed as cash and the original expiration date will remain the same.
  • You must transfer or finish your unfinished sessions no later than 30 days after you pass your road test. All service will be expired since then.

4. Service term, PLC, scheduling, and rescheduling, road test service.

  • All services are by reservations only.
  • The Pre-licensing course needs to be done within a year after you purchased the package, road test packages service last for a year from the date you take the course. Any other service is only valid for one year.
  • You will need to schedule your Pre-licensing Course with office, driving lessons with assigned instructor. No home pick-up or drop-off service.
  • After taking the Pre-licensing Course, please contact our office to schedule your road test in written notice such as WeChat or SMS. We only schedule road test upon request. Please contact our office during business hours.
  • Road test cannot be referred on a specific day or time.
  • Road test service can be only scheduled at Kissena Park or Fresh Meadows. If you cannot attend a road test, you MUST notify both (school and your instructor ) at least 24 hours ahead OR your car rental service would be deducted. Rescheduling fee is $15 (Express road test service is non-negotiable)

5. Disclaimer

  • You must always carry your leaner permit or driver license. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take driving lessons and it will be deducted. 
  • Pre-licensing Course certificate is valid for one year. You must keep and bring this Pre-licensing Course Certificate each time you take your road test.  We are not responsible for any lost or stolen Pre-licensing Course Certificate. Should you need a duplicate, please contact the office in writing. The fee for a duplicate is $50. 
  • DMV and all testing sites are a drug and alcohol-free environment. Your road test can be cancelled if you are suspicious on any drug and or alcohol activity.  No refund will be allowed.
  • We hold a strict 24-hour notice for any session cancellation. For any reason you need to cancel your scheduled session, you must send a written notice to your instructor via WeChat or SMS.  You must notice the instructor 24 hours prior for cancelling an appointment, otherwise your driving session will be deducted. 
  • All communications must be in daytime, messaging in the night will not be accepted.
  • Photo permit is a MUST for Pre-licensing Course. You will not be allowed back into the classroom or zoom room for your Pre-licensing Course if you are more than 10 mins late. Please contact the office to reschedule. Fees may apply. 
  • Be on time for your scheduled session.  Our office and your instructor are not responsible to make up any late or loss time.  It will be deducted at your session. 

Heping Driving School All Rights Reserved.

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