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We are a licensed professional driving school in New York


We are serving Flushing and Elmhurst now

Learning From The Best

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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Road Test Service
Road Test Service
Pre-licensing Course
Pre-licensing Course

4 Reasons To Choose The Top Driving School

Are you searching for learning method properly from experts? Choosing best Licensed School is suitable for lessons with guidance of professionals. It is best way to make you become a safe driver. Professional instructors would mainly provide you quality education. Taking lessons would be helpful for you to be confident as well as comfortable behind wheels. Heping Driving School is best in providing complete driving lessons suitable for you and helps you to pass tests.

Reliable And Affordable:

Taking lessons from expert's instructors would be a completely safer option for getting more confidence. Learning to drive is quite a daunting task for beginners. Main reason is that there is responsibility that comes with immense. When it comes to this task, it is not only about you, but also safety of others. It is important to have professional training in driving so availing best institute is quite important. Reliable new york driving school provides a solid foundation for your safe and secure driving practice.

Professionally Trained Instructors:

Learning from expert instructors would be quite an excellent option for easily getting to know about varied tactics. Learners automatically receive complete skills along with an in-depth understanding of road rules. Now you could easily get best advanced tech-oriented approach for getting better learning experience to highest. This is considered most excellent option for improving skills.

Increases Level Of Confidence:

Normally, Confidence while driving a vehicle plays an important part and it is mandatory for driver. When you hesitate or make erratic choices behind wheel then it could lead to a road accident. Having complete training in driving lessons would be quite an efficient option for gaining more confidence.

Passing Test:

Well experienced instructors especially have motor training for teaching and explaining traffic signs. It would be quite an excellent option for easily getting a chance of passing on-road test and theory test for getting driving license.

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We provide excellent service experiences during your learning here

Multi-lingual Class
Multi-lingual Class

We speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghai dialect

Qualified Instructors
Qualified Instructors

Full licensed instructors with great teaching techniques and experiences

VIP service

Pick Up and Drop Off Service

Road Test Express Service

Customized Training Plan

What People Say

Su Htwe
Great driving school with good customer service. I bought the basic package which included 5 lessons, the 5 hr course and the driving test. My instructor was Rex and he is the reason I passed on my first try! He makes driving very simple and gives you the right steps to everything. Parallel parking was the easiest one for me on the test and it's because of Rex. Just follow what he tells you, know it to heart and practice on your own with a friend/relative to complement the lessons. Also the 5 hr course was available as an online course which is great for COVID social distancing. If you want to pass on your first try, ask for Rex!!!
Qinwei Zhu
I had great experience learning driving from Heping Driving School. My instructor was Eric. He was patient and helpful. Every course was a full 90min which gives sufficient practice time.I was able to pass in my first test thanks to their great work.
xian chen
I have driven a car in China for eight years. I first came to the United States to learn how to drive in another school. I was scolded for not driving. I failed the test twice and wanted to give up the test. Fortunately, I came to the Peace Driving School to register again later. The first time I saw the photos of Coach Fei felt very fierce, but I still chose Coach Fei, a super good master. He has never scolded me and will explain to me if I have any doubts. Thanks Coach Fei! Finally, I suggest that the company give Coach Fei a gentler photo...
Carine He
This is a great driving school for anyone who’s looking to pass the road test easily. The driving school itself is very professional along with their instructors. I highly recommend my instructor Rex who helped me pass my road test on the first try. He is very patient and always reminds you of the technical skills you need for passing. Great experience!
Mylène Branchtein
The instructor was really nice and helpful. He gave me good advices so I passed the road test.
Kris Guo
有幸选择到一家教学系统完善且负责任靠谱的驾校。本人零驾驶基础,总共上了7节课通过的路考。都说纽约市路考难,的确如此,不过好在有教练rex lin无比细致耐心的教学。每节课都是满满的干货,90分钟内不厌其烦地指导动作和细节,态度友善,循循善诱,语言风趣幽默。消除了我多年对驾驶的恐惧以及建立良好的车感,爱上开车,不仅仅只是帮助我通过路考,更是全方面让我养成安全驾驶的驾车习惯,实用性和体验感max。
Ting Yeh
Omar Abra
Love this driving school ! I have done my research & I have no doubt that this is the BEST. What makes it even better, my driving instructor REX who I definitely recommend. Not only will he teach you how to pass the Road Test in the FIRST try but he will also give you very important driving lessons to be a GREAT driver in the future!
Andres Estevez
Rex is one of the most patient driver teachers I had he taught me how to do everything the right way with no judgement. With his teachings and support I was able to pass and get my liscense would def reccomend.
Zichen Wang
I would say the Heping Driving school is the best driving school in Flushing and Elmhurst. Flexible schedules, patient coaching and affordable prices. It also provides a safe and effective vehicle training environment during COVID-19. If you're looking for a driving school, don't miss the Heping Driving school. By the way, you must have Rex as your coach. He is the best!
Aryamon doudingmon

My husband and I both went to Heping driving school and it is awesome! Our couch Darren is nice and patient. His tips for driving not only ensured us to pass the test but also give us a lot of help on our everyday driving. If you are considering to go to driving school, don’t be hesitated to go there.

Xihao Jiang


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